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For affordable printing, that doesn't compromise on quality!

2dpi will take your print dreams and make them a reality - Really, there are no limitations here, if it can be printed on, then we can handle it.

Business cards, flyers and posters are popular and effective tools for promotion, often helping to position a business in the market-place quickly. Letterheads and corporate documents will further establish credibility, ensuring consistency as your customers come into contact with your business every step of the way.

Through the print medium we can get exposure for your business that is affordable, efficient and most of all effective.

Use this little tool to get your name known. An affordable and effective way to introduce yourself and your company to many prospective customers, the humble business card is great at pocket surfing, until the recipient needs your services and has your contacts at hand.
Compliment slips will make a great addition to your brand consistency. Pop one into each order sent out, or keep a stack beside your till points for customer queries, and as each one goes out, it takes with it your visual branding and more importantly the contact details. Compliment slips also carry a sense of good service with them, as they are usually being presented at the point of having assisted in something, use this…
At 2dpi we don't just enjoy the 'design' stuff! Sometimes, it is important to get the funtionality from a print product - this is one of those times. We can print up any booklet you may need in your day to day business, whether you require duplicate or triplicate, indexing or serial numbers. Just drop us a line with your needs and we will be happy to help.
Letterheads are essential for your corporate stationary but can be expensive to print out with stand alone printers, especially if yours is in colour. Pre-print your letterheads so that your company stationary looks professional!
By branding your vehicle or your company fleet, you are making your advertising mobile - a great way to get noticed!  Magnets are an ideal medium for medium term promotion with the added advantage that they can be removed whenever you require, without any damage to your vehicles body work.  The size and style of magnets can be designed to your specifications. 
What ever your labelling needs - 2dpi can do it!  We are able to produce labels to suit your requirements whether for product packaging or for stationary. A number of different paper formats is available too, to ensure that your labels are of the highest quality for the job.  Need colour labels? No problem, just let us know what you would like and we will offer you a competitive quote. 
Calendars make great promotional tools, not only for your staff, but customers and suppliers too. Everyone needs a calendar and not only it is practical, it has the added advantage of advertising your business. Each time someone looks at their calendar, your company logo and branding will be there.  2dpi will design a calendar format that suits your company image, then style it in a way that will keep your business at the forefront of…
What ever your requirements we can print booklets of all shapes and sizes. They can be folded, wire or plastic bound or stapled/saddle stitched. Formats of booklets can vary enormously but the most common are A4, A5 or DL size booklets. They can also be folded from A3 to A4, from A4 to A5 and also a tri-fold from A4 - DL. We can handle almost anything so don't hesitate contact us to discuss your…
There is no better way to get word out and market your company fast and cost effectively. Flyers, pamphlets & leaflets are the workhorse of the promotional industry. We can print high quality and image rich flyers, pamphlets & leaflets of all shapes and sizes on a number of paper options be it single sided or double sided, one colour or full colour we can handle the job for you. Formats vary from A6, A5,…
Forget Hallmark - Say it your way! 2dpi can create business stationary unlike any other. How about professional invitations for your Christmas party, store openings, retirement party, annual dinners or other corporate event? If you need an invitation that is professional and co-ordinated with your company branding, or something more fun and funky we can create it to suit you and your event. But it is not all fun fun fun. Postcards make great reminder…
Nothing can multiply your sales and marketing efforts like a well designed brochure. A high quality brochure will deliver the perfect sales message to your clients, every time. We can print brochures of all shapes and sizes. They can be folded in half, or tri-folded in a C fold or Z fold, full colour or black and white. Formats can vary enormously but the most common are A4, A5 or DL size brochures. They can…


Graphic Design - R175 p/h

500 Business Cards - R395

5000 DL Flyers - R1425

10 000 A5/6 Flyers - R1425

Domain Registration - R100

Website Hosting - R99p/m