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Whether you have an established website for your business or not, we can help you stay up to date the latest and greatest online media, as well as the ways in which you can use it to your best advantage.

There is no doubt that putting your business 'out there' is essential as the internet takes on a bigger role in influencing customers. If you don't already have a website then you are missing out on potential business; if you do, then consider how marketing your business has changed to include this medium.

Good website design will not only look good, but be effective on the back end, meaning easy navigation, fast loading and a solid, clear call to action.

Thursday, 09 June 2011 13:43


Written by Amanda

Step into the rapidly growing online market with an e-commerce platform - or Shopping Cart on your website.

Literally putting your business into the home of your customer, your website effectively becomes your shop front, allowing you to sell to customers where ever they are. This broadens sales opportunities, increases brand awareness and represents your business to potential clients 24 hours a day!

At 2dpi we go on and on about clever design, and it is still very important, but when it comes to online sales, design takes a back seat to security. Both you and your client need the peace of mind that their details and your payment are secure. But it has to look good too. And be simple. That is where we step in (um, not the simple bit!)

We say '128 bit encryption and SLL (Secure socket Layer) technology' and you say 'yeah, what you said'.

Thursday, 09 June 2011 13:42

Content Management

Written by Amanda

Clear, concise copy to convert consumers to customers!

Thursday, 09 June 2011 13:41

Search Engine Optimisation

Written by Amanda

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Thursday, 09 June 2011 13:41

Starter Websites

Written by Amanda

We offer a way for small or new businesses to get a web presence for a minimal cost. ]


A basic website with the following:

A header and menu structure.

A landing or home page (along with supplied images).

A contact page whereby clients will be able to email you directly. ????? We will supply you with a username and password so that you will be able to login to the backend of the site and add pages/content yourself. ??????We will supply you a simple document with instructions on how to upload more content.


Your logo or header.

A one pager introduction or info on your business (please bear in mind that this information should contain strong keywords and phrasing regarding your business - this is to aid with search engine placing etc.). A few images or photos that you would like to see on your home page.

(All the above to be in digital format).

We need know your colouring scheme so that we can set up the page according to your brand/theme. ?????A 50% deposit (balance upon handing over).

Thursday, 09 June 2011 13:40

Web Design

Written by Amanda

At 2dpi, we care about your online image. If your company has had a website for a number of years and is now looking to upgrade and take advantage of new trends or just starting out and needs a static one page website. We can help!

We offer competitive cost effective solutions that not only suits your business needs but also your pocket. So what are you waiting for get in touch today.


Graphic Design - R175 p/h

500 Business Cards - R395

5000 DL Flyers - R1425

10 000 A5/6 Flyers - R1425

Domain Registration - R100

Website Hosting - R99p/m